Mission Statement:

To be a source of inspiration in motivating individuals to create themselves, reality, and human experience through awareness. Spreading a message of enlightenment using practical habits, and encouraging reclamation of one’s authenticity. To build a community founded in love, support, and acceptance; creating and expanding opportunities for like-minded individuals.

byMelianj Initiatives 

ByMelianJ was founded in Oct 2015 with the intention to create a fashion house that would change the narrative in the process, community, and energy surrounding clothing. With our slow-fashion initiative, byMelianj’s goal is to create an energy conscious products that makes you feel good wearing them yet aren’t harmful to the environment. Our pieces are handmade in-house ethically, and sustainably in Los Angeles, Ca. We pride ourselves in partnering with local black & POC small businesses when out sourcing. 

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From our fabrics, to our manufacturing and packaging.

With climate change, and animal endangerment at the forefront of the world's environmental crisis, we pride ourselves in fashionable, yet- quality, sustainable products, and an ethical process.


We are committed to limiting waste by recycling what is already here, bringing our community designs that are made with love & that Earth loves back!

Our Process

They're not "just clothes" they're love in the form of art!

Crafted carefully for those who care.

We believe like all things clothes are energy,

and it's important that the people handling our products are treated with care and respect, like Earth. Made with love to us means our production team is paid fair wages, working in safe environments, and healthy conditions.

We even go as far as spiritually cleansing our products with Palo Santo, seeing them as sacred and worthy.

Our Fabrics

Crafted from natural, recycled, and sustainably sourced fibers.

Our fabrics range in sustainability, from sourcing to fiber content. We strive to always use natural, organic or deadstock, and recycled fabrics. Meaning things that are already here on Earth, thus limiting creation of new waste and repurposing old favorites bringing them new life!

We accept donated textile, and often work within our community to support minority owned businesses we've built relationships with for years.


Close-knit like family

Being an Ethical & Sustainable business is no small task, we spend a lot of time working, doing what we love, thus in proximity with our team & other small businesses. Over the years we've become like family, sharing many meaningful moments together along our journey. 

We are a Women Owned private small business Founded by Melian Junius, our Head Designer, CEO, & Creative Director.

Accessory Designers, Star Angel 

& Graciela Gutierrez